Everyday, I am learning.
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#rise #riseandshine #sleepyhead #daddy #baby #goodmorning #wakeup #sleepallday #backtosleep #lazytuesday #sleepingin #myfamily #babyluna #daddysgirl #butilovehermore #notfair

Pushing me away

Your insecurities disgust me.

I deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Your questions are unnecessary .

I feel no need to explain myself.

You’re just wasting my time 

& stressing me out.

Call me heartless or impatient, but never dishonest.

You should know by now;

the truth hurts 

& I’m not one for sugar coating.

Remember that, before you decide to check up on my where abouts

and call me a liar again,

because the next time you stick your accusatory fingers in my face

you’re gonna lose who you’re pointing at. 

Used to taking care of myself.

The feeling 5 minutes before I throw up stayed with me for hours yesterday.
Empty stomach suffering expired pills.
Grew the courage to drink water.
He knocked, I struggled to let him in.
& how ironic that’s when it all came out.
I spilled what was left of my guts.

memory #34


“i’ve got
a bottle
of whiskey,
if you’re not
too busy.”

she blushes.

all of a sudden,
i wish those
were my words.

how beautiful
it must be,
to have all
the good lines
and all,
the right looks.

Give Me Space


I’m tired of the questions
don’t ask me
what’s wrong
don’t ask me
To talk…
don’t tell me
you care…
don’t tell me
you love me…

I’m quiet for a reason-
the burden that I have
I do not wish to share
I hear you say you care
but this weight is more
than I care to talk about

the words might come out
I might come across
too strong…

so if you truly understand
you’ll just back up
and give…

that is how
you can show
and I will know
that you really love me

I’m Yours.


To kiss you
immensely enamored by your lips
slip through into your words
til our souls slow dance
at the verge of destruction.
I want to kiss you.
Spew passion like compositions,
created through confrontation,
call this a battle,
with paper sheets as collateral
that’ll damage your whole set.
I want to wreck havoc
cause chaos, conquer your heart completely,
love you so deeply
that you’ll never forget.

It's Just... Poets Have The Loneliest Hearts: Crush


Would you think me weird if I said
That I think I love you?
Would you think me strange if I were to say
I’m infatuated by you
And would you think me obsessed
If I were to constantly wish
I knew what it was like to taste your lips
Would you think me crazy
If I were to maybe
Be writing this…

sad night

I don’t like when ppl make me feel crazy for expressing how i feel and for asking questions. I never understood how people can express such strong emotion one day, and then act like they never said it the next. then they have the nerve to get upset when I call them out on it. U said it, I felt it, am I crazy for believing u felt it too?

Day 3 

Hush all that sweet talk, I won’t believe it. Cuz u wouldn’t have to talk if u really mean it. But I admit, it was fun to play along. hope u don’t get me wrong, its not what I’m about, but I’m getting pretty sick of these ins and outs. But I realize I can’t really blame you. It’s my bad. But u can’t really blame me. I can’t lose what I never really had.